Utility Analytics Institute Membership

Accelerating the adoption, advancement, and utilization of analytics, to enable utilities to operate more safely, reliably, and efficiently.


Utilities today face challenges that were not part of the equation for most of the industry’s 100-year history. With the realization of the smart grid — and its two-way communications networks and millions of intelligent devices — utility staffers are at the forefront of not only how to manage the influx of data, but how to leverage it for business improvement across many different functions.  And, when you factor in a complex regulatory environment, integration of renewable generation, an aging workforce, increasing budget scrutiny, and higher customer expectations in this era of ubiquitous in­stant information, it’s no wonder that utility executives are seeking support and that they have turned to the Utility Analytics Institute for help.  

To discuss how you can get involved, contact:

Mike Smith
Vice President


The Utility Analytics Institute meets a previously unfilled industry need.

When the Institute brought together all the stakeholders — utilities, solution providers and senior analysts — collaborative conversations began, analytics initiatives pressed forward, results were shared, and through it all, a dynamic community formed. And as the utility analytics world continues to evolve, the Institute, regarded as the industry’s leading authority on grid analytics, customer analytics and analytics infrastructure, is growing and expanding with it.


Introducing: Utility Analytics Institute Utility Membership

Membership in the Utility Analytics Institute is your opportunity to:


  • join a network of peers committed to a common cause
  • challenge your thinking, benchmark yourself against other utilities, and evaluate emerging strategies
  • shape the future of utility analytics and transform how utilities operate
  • establish a corporate reputation as an analytics leader within our industry


…all while having direct access to the support, research, and deep expertise of the Utility Analytics Institute.


Utility Analytics Institute offers utility members:



  • Appointment to the Utility Analytics Institute Executive Advisory Council


The governing body of the Institute, shaping the future of utility analytics. Discussions are confidential and candid in nature, addressing the current state of analytics, emerging challenges and a vision for the future.


  • Convergence of your utility peers, select product experts and industry consultants, all focused on grid analytics, customer analytics and analytics infrastructure


Fostering ongoing collaboration and direct dialogue with peers who share your experiences and expertise




  • Access to the Institute research library


A collection of research, benchmark reports, industry interviews, and databases established by Institute analysts


  • Industry resources database


Comprehensive solution and service referral network, exclusive to members




  • One-on-one support from Institute personnel


Direct access to the membership director and analytics experts to assist with your initiatives and answer your questions


  • Unlimited access and opportunity to lead practitioner working groups


Focused research groups covering a range of critical topics, shaping best practices and framework documents




  • Exclusive membership access to professional development resources


Advance your knowledge online, through web seminars and at Institute events


  • Credibility for your organization through the Institute


Gain recognition within the industry as a leader and pioneer in the utility analytics space


To discuss how you can get involved, contact:

ike Smith 
Vice President



Current Members

San Diego Gas & Electric
SoCal Gas

Alabama Power"
Georgia Power
Gulf Power Company
Mississippi Power