The Future is Now

By April 3, 2018 No Comments
Over the last decade, utilities have pushed the envelope on analytics. Moving from an era where industry publications ran cover stories on the “data deluge,” we see utility analytics leaders today re-shaping business operations across the utility enterprise and changing age-old assumptions via innovative analytics.

Now advanced analytics are opening still more opportunities for improved utility business operations.

This webcast will provide perspectives on how these advances are changing the landscape from a leading utility analytics innovator, and insights from thought-leaders in the Machine Learning and Edge Analytics areas.

Attendees will walk away with insights and practical knowledge of how these advances in analytics can be applied at their utility.


Clayton Bellamy
Clayton Bellamy
Manager, Business Analytic
OGE Energy Corp
Diana Shaw
Diana Shaw
Senior Solutions Architect
Danny Dunn
Danny Dunn
Technical Solutions Architect