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Using an analytics platform to build a bridge between grid and customer data

By September 27, 2018No Comments

As many Utility Analytics Institute members are aware, and indeed are experiencing, utilities have historically had a very distinct wall between the siloes of customer operations and grid operations. Within each of these siloes were systems, data, processes, and people that never cross paths.

Today, with the advent of energy prosumers, two-way energy flows, microgrids, EV charging infrastructure and intelligent IoT devices, the line between grid and customer is blurred.

Utilities have an opportunity to embrace technology and innovative business models in order to delight customers, improve reliability, and unlock new revenue streams. This will require a robust data analytics platform that delivers value today and can evolve to future demands.

This new operating environment is right around the corner, if not already bearing down on your organization today. Utility leaders now need to have the systems and data (in this case, in the form of a robust analytics platform), and people and processes that can address a new set of emerging business needs. Questions like the ones listed here will quickly become core to success.

  • How will we develop deeper customer insights enabling the launch of new services and products for customers? For the first time, we’re going to really need to know our customers intimately.
  • We know that we will need a flexible and open data analytics platform that supports/enables emerging use cases from the edge to the cloud and data center. What does this look like and where do we start?
  • How will we optimize the integration of microgrids and renewables through devices that perform analytics at the edge in real-time?
  • How will we manage the growing penetration of renewables and electric vehicles in a way that maintains or improves customer satisfaction and grid reliability?

Partnering with the UAI and Intel on a webcast covering these challenges scheduled for October 11th, we are fortunate to have two speakers from Entergy that are on the leading edge of this new frontier: Cat Wong, Manager, Customer Product Engineering, and Dean Cheung, Manager of Commercial Development and Innovation.

We hope that you can join us for what promises to be a thought-provoking and insightful session on October 11th at 2pm ET. Click here to register. 

Note: Mike Smith is the Principal Industry Consultant for the utilities group at SAS Institute. He can be reached at