Providing AI Solutions to Break the Data Silos and Accelerate Utilities Into the Forefront of Data-Driven Decisions (on demand)

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Utilities need to treat their data as a strategic asset. They need a Global Data Management and Analytics Platform that runs in any Cloud, Hybrid and multi-Cloud environments. That platform is available from Hortonworks. With this platform they can store and acquire all the data from smart meters, traditional meters, plants, field, SAP, EDW and cloud data. They also will have a platform for advanced data applications and AI. On top of this flexible platform runs the brains of your organization that learns with you and codifies your tribal knowledge.

App Orchid’s platform combines Tribal Knowledge with IoT, structured, unstructured and internal/external data to create enterprise applications that work together to assess and reduce risk and eliminate unwarranted liabilities. It’s innovative approach allows you to connect to several enterprise systems, capture real-time trends and patterns and incorporate them into AI driven enterprise solutions such as Employee Safety, Customer Interactions, Meter Management or Work Management.

Join this webinar to hear from industry experts as we discuss how American Water and other utilities have used AI and Big Data to break the silos of data and achieve their goals:

  • Real-time insight into field operations
  • Instance knowledge of Smart Meters performance and failures
  • One Single View of a Customer
  • Natural Language Searches
  • One central repository for all data
  • End-to-End Security Of Their Data
  • Easy ability to quickly on-board new and changing datasets of any type
  • Manage cost, reduce risk and optimize resources
  • Systemically capture tribal knowledge and incorporate into analytics landscape.

Tim Spann, Senior Solutions Engineer, Hortonworks

Tim Spann is a Senior Solutions Engineer at Hortonworks, the Big Data Zone leader and blogger at DZone and an experienced data engineer with 15 years of experience. He runs the Future of Data Princeton meetup as well as other events. He has spoken at Philly Open SOurce, ApacheCon in Montreal, Strata NYC, Oracle Code NYC, IoT Fusion in Philly, meetups in Princeton, NYC, Philly, Berlin and Prague, DataWorks Summits in San Jose, Berlin and Sydney.

Ravi Bommakanti , Vice President, Solution Engineering and Innovation at AppOrchid Inc.

More than 20 years of progressive experience in defining, planning, implementing, maintaining and supporting business applications, portals and content management systems using commercial and open source technologies.

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