Powering Next-Gen Utility Analytics

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This webinar was originally broadcast on July 12, 2022 and is now available on demand!

Duration: 1 hour
Sponsor: HEAVY.AI

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Webinar Description

Utilities have multiple analytics needs, and have been dealing with “big data” since long before the term was popular. However the last decade has brought new challenges to the forefront, most fundamentally the need to reshape the grid to be sustainable across multiple dimensions while maintaining high standards for reliability.  Over the same relatively short time period, analytics itself has already fundamentally changed, moving from a statistical approach to data science.

In this webinar, we will demonstrate 3 common utility analytics workflows, and how GPU analytics can be used to accelerate them: strike tree analysis, PSPS event planning and demand management.

  • Our first example is of ‘strike tree’ analytics. GPU analytics is used to perform continuous risk analysis at one resolution and to automatically trigger appropriate followup data acquisitions.  Data science is used to model risk quantitatively in order to optimize these processes.
  • Our second example is of public safety power shutoff or ‘PSPS’ event analytics. GPU analytics here is used to provide interactive visualization of multiple weather models in order to leverage the expertise of meteorologists and fire behavior experts more effectively.
  • Our third case study is demand management and scenario planning.  GPU analytics applied to mobility data allows utilities to maintain a much more granular view of energy demand, and to rapidly generate exploratory demand and storage scenarios.  These can be used today in demand management programs, and also for network capex planning.

Presented by

Dr. Michael Flaxman
Product Manager

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