What's UAI Membership All About?

A UAI membership is one of the most effective and efficient tools in building your analytics program. Join UAI and take a thought leadership approach to leverage the insights derived from data.


Utility Membership

Today’s utility analytics leader must demonstrate an expertise in understanding data and advanced analytics while utilizing cutting-edge tools to help optimize their utility business processes.


  1. The utility-led Executive Advisory Council acts as the board of directors and provides guidance to everything the Institute does.
  2. As a community, we can go safer, cheaper and faster on this analytics journey, together.
  3. We are overcoming business challenges and taking advantage of new opportunities utilizing data and analytics.
  4. We are “Utility First” and everything we do is driven by our passion to help utilities succeed.

Become a Member:

Mike Risner
Membership Development Manager

Analytics as Strategy

Solution Provider Membership

A UAI membership allows your company to dig deeper and develop a more meaningful level of relationships and understanding of the analytics needs of the utility industry. An industry that needs and desires true strategic partners.


  1. Serve alongside and engage directly with utilities working on their business using data and analytics.
  2. For serious organizations who want to truly partner to help utilities succeed.
  3. Engage 365 days a year online, 50+ times a year in our Analytics Community meetings and twice a year at our in-person events. Not to mention our content marketing opportunities.

To find out how a UAI membership will directly benefit your company, contact:

Mark Johnson
Managing Director

David Blaza
Western U.S.

Steve Lach

Hunter Ramirez
Eastern U.S.