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utility analytics training
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UTILITY ANALYTICS 201: Applied Machine Learning for Utility Professionals

September 18, 2023
Save $100 when you purchase before September 22, 2023.  Use discount code SUMMEREND100.

Taking the stress out of a utility’s compliance reporting

September 18, 2023
Snapshot California’s Office of Energy Infrastructure Safety (OEIS) ensures that utilities are doing their part to reduce wildfire risks by requiring each provider to submit an annual Wildfire Mitigation Plan (WMP) and quarterly updates. As reporting and data quality standards became increasingly…

Enhanced Lakehouse Federation Streamlines Data Governance

September 13, 2023
New Unity Catalog functionality enables organizations to centrally discover, query, and manage all data, irrespective of their location.   Databricks has announced new Lakehouse Federation capabilities that enable organizations to establish a scalable data mesh architecture with unified…
Oil and Gas Pipeline Cybersecurity Compliance: Understanding TSA’s 2023 Security Directive

Oil and Gas Pipeline Cybersecurity Compliance: Understanding TSA’s 2023 Security Directive

September 11, 2023
A Sept. 27th webinar sponsored by Dragos September 27, 2023 2:00 PM ET / 1:00 PM CT / 11:00 AM PT / 7:00 PM GMT Duration:1 hour Already registered? Click here to log in. Summary Bad actors from hostile states…
electric vehicle adoption

Navigating the Challenges: Planning for Rising Electric Vehicle Adoption

September 8, 2023
A lot of factors are part of a well-planned community development: where the schools will be located, how many homes will be built, the exact number of Starbucks required to give residents their caffeine fix and more. But…

Empowering Finance Leaders with Cloud-Based Automation and Analytics

September 6, 2023
Modernizing financial processes with innovative technologies and automated self-service analytics in the cloud   Alteryx has announced decision intelligence and intelligent automation capabilities on Amazon Web Services (AWS). These capabilities are aimed at enabling chief financial officers (CFOs)…
We Are UAI

UAI Calendar for September 2023

September 2, 2023
UAI Enables Utility Transformation Through Analytics UAI is a utility-led membership organization that provides support to the industry to advance the analytics profession and utility organizations of all types, sizes, and analytics maturity levels, as well as analytics…
UAI 2023 Annual Excellence Awards
We Are UAI

Nine Finalists Selected for the Annual UAI Excellence Awards

September 1, 2023
UAI Excellence Awards Honor Individuals and Teams Leading the Way in Utility Analytics The Utility Analytics Institute (UAI) (an Endeavor Business Media brand), the only organization dedicated to enabling utility transformation through analytics today announces finalists for its…

Unleashing Power of Open Data Lakehouse for Trusted Enterprise AI

August 30, 2023
Expanded open data lakehouse offerings provide customers with a foundation for analytic and AI capabilities in their enterprises   Cloudera has expanded its open data lakehouse offerings to provide customers with a foundation for analytic and AI capabilities…
Smart Utility Summit 2023 Vendor Awards

2023 Smart Utility Summit Names Sensus, Firmatek, and ARCOS as Outstanding Vendors

August 25, 2023
If you did not join us for the 2023 Smart Utility Summit at the Arizona Biltmore Resort in Phoenix, Arizona, let me tell you what you missed…   The exclusive Smart Utility Summit, hosted by Endeavor Business Media,…
Artificial IntelligenceCloudTechnology

Enabling Customized LLMs for Accelerated AI Applications in Data Cloud

August 23, 2023
New partnership allows companies to securely create custom large language models (LLMs) without moving data   Snowflake has partnered with NVIDIA to provide businesses with an accelerated path to securely build custom large language models (LLMs) using their…
Logic 2020 Digital Accessibility

Embracing the future of digital accessibility: AI-powered inclusivity for all

August 21, 2023
Quick summary: How businesses are leveraging AI to explore new horizons in digital accessibility for people with disabilities In today's digital age, equitable access to technology is a right everyone deserves. However, people with disabilities still face inaccessible websites…
Utility Analytics Training
TrainingWe Are UAI

Data Quality + Root Cause Analysis Training: Purchase this Duo Together and Get a $200 Discount

August 16, 2023
🔍🔌 Unlocking the Power of Utility Analytics: Quality data and root cause analysis form a dynamic duo in optimizing utility systems. 📊 High-quality data fuels accurate investigations, enabling utility analytics professionals to delve deep into the heart of…
Artificial IntelligenceCloudTechnology

Enhanced Multi-Cloud Capabilities Empower Data Platform Flexibility

August 16, 2023
New capabilities allow companies to build new classes of applications across the entire enterprise using a single developer data platform MongoDB has unveiled a series of new products and features for its developer data platform, MongoDB Atlas. These…
Utility Analytics Week 2023
We Are UAI

Utility Analytics Week 2023

August 15, 2023
Unlock the Universal Power of Data at Utility Analytics Week 2023 October 31-November 2, 2023, in Orlando, Florida.   Our program will focus on the important topics covering Customer Analytics, Analytics Architecture & Technology, Asset Health Analytics, Safety Analytics,…
FERC Order 2222
Asset & WorkforceRegulationsStrategy

Impacts of FERC Order 2222 on Asset Health

August 14, 2023
Landmark FERC Order 2222 opens doors to a new era of energy participation where distributed energy resources (DERs) take a center stage in regional wholesale markets. Members of Utility Analytics Institute (UAI), a utility-led membership organization supporting utility…