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Our Core Values

Today’s utility analytics leader must demonstrate an expertise in understanding data and advanced analytics while utilizing cutting-edge tools to help optimize utility business processes. UAI helps our members overcome business challenges and take advantage of new opportunities utilizing analytics. UAI thinks and acts with a “Utility First” mindset in everything we do, and we are driven by our passion to help our utility members succeed.

PURPOSE: We lead with purpose. We take bold, courageous, visionary action

PASSION: We are passionate. We pursue our passion with heart, spirit, and drive

EXCELLENCE: We strive for excellence. We pursue learning and continuous improvement

CONNECTION: We connect for collaborative impact. We forge communities to make a difference, knowing we are better and wiser together

SUPPORT: We care for and support each other. We foster belonging, mutual care, and the spirit of service in our relationships

SAFETY: We keep safety top of mind. We promote a workplace culture that keeps employees and customers safe