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UAI Communities

UAI Communities are an opportunity for UAI Utility Members to develop long-term, mutually beneficial, genuine relationships with other members.

UAI Communities are developed for and led by utility analytics professionals that are members of UAI, so the program content and topics of discussion are on target with what is important to you as a professional working in utility analytics. UAI Communities bring together analytics practitioners and business process experts to advance the conversation about the ways in which analytics can improve and transform critical utility business processes. Join UAI to be part of UAI Communities!


Current Collection of Communities

Find Your Niche
Join the UAI Community you identify with most. UAI Utility Members can join one or all UAI Communities. Not sure which Community is the best fit for you? Learn more below, and then request to join!

Analytics Architecture & Technology Community

The Analytics Architecture & Technology Community’s focus is on identifying architecture and technology patterns that help in creating successful analytics and data science programs.

Asset Health Analytics Community

The Asset Health Analytics Community will share and explore asset health analytics use cases to help each other advance their own specific solutions and needs as it relates to asset health. Through a use case-based approach, the community will explore the framework and necessary technologies to deliver the desired results/objectives of the use case. Some use cases may be to drive an overall asset class view of the health, condition, and risk while others may be very specific to drive immediate actions on individual assets.

Customer Analytics Community

The Customer Analytics Community explores how analytics can utilize the broad spectrum of customer information to meet the evolving customer expectations.

Data Science Community

The Data Science Community examines, in-depth, machine learning and deep learning models that are either in early stage exploration or under development, with emphasis on collaborative exploration and knowledge sharing.

Enterprise Analytics Community

The Enterprise Analytics Community examines what it means AND what it takes to make the concept of “enterprise analytics” a reality.

Generative AI Community

The Generative AI Community was developed to foster collaboration, knowledge sharing, and discussion among utility members exploring and implementing Generative AI technologies within their organizations. This community aims to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas, experiences, and best practices related to the application of Generative AI in the utility sector.

Grid Analytics Community

The Grid Analytics Community examines what it means AND what it takes to improve the application of grid analytics within utilities for the advancement of analytics methodologies to the data, including predictive and prescriptive analytics, forecasting and optimization, and connecting all aspects of your grid integration road map.

Natural Gas Analytics Community

The Natural Gas Analytics Community’s focus is on analytics that will advance the Natural Gas Industry. The community provides an opportunity for members to showcase methods and models that have led to real change in their organizations and bring current challenges to the table to get help from a supportive and knowledgeable group of peers.

Safety Analytics Community

The Safety Analytics Community’s aim is to reduce Serious Injury and Fatality (SIF) exposures and energy hazards by improving data collection, sharing process and methods best practices, and by identifying leading prescriptive and descriptive analytics.

Learn More About UAI Communities

Your Network to Analytics Success

  • UAI monthly Community Conversations are structured in a way that allow members to gain the information they need to chart a course of action, enabling them to take advantage of new opportunities and guide them to use analytics in new ways.
  • The goal is to provide members with the knowledge, resources, and execution frameworks they need to go back to their operations and make a difference.
  • Together, the UAI Community members establish a vision for the future based on actual breakthroughs in utility analytics today.
  • Members of UAI Communities participate in facilitated exercises, interactive experiences, and partnered collaboration to help share knowledge and exchange information, benchmark with one another and not “go it alone”.
  • UAI Communities help members validate, learn, develop, and grow.

Collaborate with Like-Minded Professionals

  • UAI Communities bring together utility analytics professionals of all levels to engage in candid dialogue with their peers about mutual challenges and they provide an opportunity to gain early awareness of advanced research, tested methodologies, emerging technologies, and strategic innovations—all within a trusted, non-competitive, comfortable environment.
  • By bringing the industry’s most distinguished and accomplished professionals together, UAI Communities provide members with the unique opportunity to collaborate and share thoughts, ideas, best practices, and the most pressing issues they are faced with today and for the future.
  • The peer support and knowledge sharing are what make the UAI Communities so valuable. Members are encouraged to contribute opinions, thoughts, and ideas and work together to come up with answers to the most pressing problems facing today’s business, practice and profession of utility analytics, as well as the engineering, science, and visualization of data.
  • Company pitches and product spiels are not allowed—just in-depth discussions and a place for sharing lessons learned and promoting successes between members.

Join the Elite

  • The UAI Communities bring together the industry’s most distinguished and accomplished utility analytics professionals and leaders, individuals who excel at applying people, process, and technology in innovative ways to address contemporary business challenges utilizing analytics.
  • The program is ideal for various roles. Find a sampling below. Roles will be group dependent.
      • CIOs and CTOs
      • Digital Products and Innovation Managers/Directors/VPs
      • Strategy, Innovation, and Engagement Managers/Directors
      • IT Managers/Directors, IT Analytics Managers/Directors
      • Data Scientists
      • Data and Solution Architects
      • Business Architects
      • Business Analytics Managers/Directors
      • Engineers
      • Data Analysts
      • Operational Analysts
      • Enterprise Data & Analytics Managers, Directors/Architects
      • Business Intelligence Managers/Directors
      • Customer Experience Managers/Directors
      • Asset Managers/Directors
      • Advanced Analytics, Automation, & AI Managers
      • Grid Analytics Managers/Directors
      • Data Integrity and Performance Managers/Directors
  • To ensure we provide a consistent high-quality, high-caliber experience for our Community members, new members are screened to ensure they have a role that fits within the right community

Find Your Niche

  • There is currently a collection of eight UAI Communities, with more launching soon, so members can join the group of peers they identify with most.
  • UAI hosts and facilitates monthly Community Conversations for each group via a modern enterprise video communication tool including audio conferencing and chat, plus at least one face-to-face meeting during a UAI in-person event. Members of UAI Communities also connect and collaborate online between meetings on the UAI Community Collaboration Exchange (CCX) on UAI Connect.
  • The UAI Communities include leading educational programming that encourages members to work in partnership with their peers who are facing the same issues. Members walk away from each meeting with insights, tools, and strategies to improve their organizations’ performance and address business challenges using analytics.
  • The content featured during each Community Conversation’s comprehensive, interactive, and diverse agenda is presented in a variety of formats, including:
      • Facilitated collaboration and networking
      • Utility-led use case presentations with Q&A
      • Engaging roundtables
      • Celebrations of success through member stories
      • Solve My Problem workshops for group problem solving and action plan creation
      • Brainstorming sessions
      • Panel discussions
      • Interactive sessions led by subject matter experts
      • Collaborative exercises
      • And more!
      • UAI is open to new formats and exciting different ways to bring you collaborative, interactive content

Utility-Led for and by Industry Professionals

  • Each UAI Community is utility-led by a group of industry professionals, including Community Sponsors and Leaders.
      • A Community Sponsor is a UAI utility member leader who typically holds a director-level position or higher or is a member of UAI’s Executive Advisory Council. Sponsors have business process or data science/IT expertise in the Community’s focus area and guide the Community’s strategic direction, support the Community Leaders and provide input on the group’s scope, charter, monthly meeting content and deliverable(s).
      • A Community Leader is a UAI utility member leader who typically holds a manager or analyst position. Leaders have business process or data science/IT expertise in the Community’s area of focus and provide input on the Community’s scope, charter, monthly meeting content and group deliverable(s). For assigned meetings, Community Leaders lead monthly online meetings and develop the meeting agenda. UAI Staff gather meeting materials, manage meeting logistics and care for administrative tasks.

What Members Say About Communities

“To be able to compare and contrast ideas about the issues facing our organization with peers in similar situations gives us the ability to compare what works for them to us. The UAI Communities are an absolutely amazing opportunity!” 
–Patrick Dever, Chief Data Strategist, Avista Corp

“Utility Analytics Institute is a community where even small utility voices are heard.”
–Sandi Joralemon