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data-driven utility customer experience

Beyond Billing Data: The Transformative Power of a Data-Driven Customer Experience

February 19, 2024
Today's utilities industry landscape demands a deeper understanding of customers, and data is the key! By embracing a modernized data-driven customer experience, utilities can reveal powerful insights and forge meaningful connections with their customers on a personal basis.…
Generative AI Webinar Utility Analytics Institute
Artificial IntelligenceWe Are UAIWebinars

LIVE WEBINAR: Generative AI in Utilities: Beyond the Hype, Into Actionable Strategies

January 29, 2024
Chart the Course to Generative AI in Utilities   Join a collaborative discussion with 5 trailblazing experts as they share their experiences exploring this transformative technology. This webinar, hosted by Utility Analytics Institute (UAI) delves into practical considerations,…
Emergency Events

Utility Emergency Event Simulation Tools

December 11, 2023
Utility emergency operation centers (EOC) make critical decisions for public safety based on information like weather, asset status, vegetation, and topography. Training on sustainable simulation tools ensures that those decisions can be made quickly and lead to the…
Generative AI
Artificial IntelligenceTechnology

Enhancing Generative AI Services and Offerings

November 29, 2023
New capability allows customers to enable automation of complex tasks and to deliver customized, up-to-date answers for their applications based on their proprietary data   Amazon Web Services expanded its fully managed foundation model (FM) service called Amazon…
Artificial IntelligenceTechnology

New Analytics Service Simplifies Data Matching and Insights

November 22, 2023
Powered by machine learning, the service helps companies match and link records stored across various applications, channels, and data stores   Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced the availability of AWS Entity Resolution, a machine learning-powered analytics service…

Enhancing Sustainability with Data-Driven Solutions

November 15, 2023
The sustainability software helps track and manage environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance   Digital Realty has selected IBM Envizi ESG Suite to collect, analyze and report on its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance across its network…
Data Automation
Asset & WorkforceStrategyWe Are UAI

Data Collection for Asset Management: People are Key to the Process

November 7, 2023
With over 500 transmission substations and 16,400 miles of power lines, the transmission group at Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has plenty of assets to manage — and analytics is one of the go-to tools for the job. To…
Using AI for energy forecasting
Artificial IntelligenceGridWhitepapers

Does AI Matter in Energy Forecasting?

November 6, 2023
Rethinking Utilities’ Approach to Forecasting Which of these is a good reason to deploy advanced, AI-powered models in energy forecasting? Navigating the increase in extreme weather events and intermittent generation. Responding to regulatory changes and shifts in energy…
Asset Management
Artificial IntelligenceAsset & Workforce

Extreme Weather, Advanced Decision-Making: Strengthening PG&E’s Asset Management with Real-Time Risk Assessment and Forecasting

November 6, 2023
Searing heat, torrential rain, devastating floods, intense windstorms, and wildfires. Our grandmothers’ and grandfathers’ asset management models may no longer be sufficient to meet the dynamic environmental challenges threatening the U.S. electrical grid. Modern tools such as real-time…
generative AI
Artificial IntelligenceTechnology

Revolutionizing HR Efficiency with Innovative AI-Powered Features

November 1, 2023
New generative AI-powered capabilities enhance efficiency and streamline HR processes for candidates, employees, managers, and recruiters Oracle has introduced new generative AI capabilities within its Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) system. These capabilities are supported by the…
intelligent automation

How intelligent automation is shaping a more reliable power grid

October 27, 2023
Quick summary: Faced with increasing pressures to enhance the reliability and security of their grid operations, utilities are leveraging intelligent automation and reaping the rewards.   Since the dawn of the electrical age, monitoring and controlling all the moving pieces that…
object storage

New Solution Enhances Object Storage Query Speeds for Improved Data Insights

October 25, 2023
The solution makes it easier for customers to get valuable real-time insights by combining their data in object storage with database data   Oracle has announced the general availability of MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse, a solution that allows customers…
Artificial IntelligenceCloudTechnology

Advancements in Lakehouse AI and MLflow 2.5 for Generative AI

October 18, 2023
New data-centric approach to AI makes it easier to build, deploy and manage LLM applications, enabling customers to accelerate their generative AI journey.   Databricks has introduced new Lakehouse AI innovations designed to simplify the development of generative…
Detecting Grid Anomalies with Smart Meters
Asset & WorkforceGrid

Distribution Grid Anomaly Detection Using Smart Meters

October 16, 2023
One of the most important functions of an electric utility is to safely provide reliable and dependable power to its customers. This obligation includes building redundant circuit paths, insulating conductors, installing animal barriers, installing switches and reclosers, trimming…
Delta Lake 3.0

Delta Lake 3.0 Boosts Data Format Compatibility

October 11, 2023
New features in Delta Lake 3.0 simplify data format selection and integration tasks for enhanced efficiency   Databricks has unveiled Delta Lake 3.0, the newest enhancement to the Linux Foundation open source project Delta Lake. Delta Lake 3.0…
ML Ops and ML Governance
Artificial IntelligenceTechnology

A Gentle Introduction to MLOps and ML Governance

October 10, 2023
In the past decade, data science and machine learning (ML) have shown significant promise in addressing complex business problems. Companies across various industries are keen to leverage the advantages these tools offer for decision making. However, as more…
cloud native ai platform
Artificial IntelligenceCloudTechnology

New Cloud-Native AI Solution Unlocks Advanced Analytics Capabilities

October 4, 2023
The new cloud-native platform simplifies deployments and enhances flexibility, while offering comprehensive support for enterprise-scale AI/ML, including generative AI   Teradata has announced plans to introduce VantageCloud Lake on the Microsoft Azure platform. This offering extends the availability…

Taking the stress out of a utility’s compliance reporting

September 18, 2023
Snapshot California’s Office of Energy Infrastructure Safety (OEIS) ensures that utilities are doing their part to reduce wildfire risks by requiring each provider to submit an annual Wildfire Mitigation Plan (WMP) and quarterly updates. As reporting and data quality standards became increasingly…