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What is UAI?

UAI is a utility-led membership organization that provides support to the industry to advance the analytics profession and utility organizations of all types and maturity levels, as well as analytics professionals throughout every phase of their career. UAI is poised at the cusp of digital transformation to lead this industry into the future.

UAI is your conduit of connection and collaboration between utility analytics professionals within your own organizations, as well as your peers within other utility companies, and solution provider partners.

UAI is the authority on utility analytics, providing you with the knowledge, resources, and guidance to improve your analytics capabilities through delivery of research and content.

UAI offers unmatched member experiences – events, community meetings, and more – that deliver transformative education and insights into analytics through shared best practices, uses cases, and valuable lessons learned.

Show Me the Value

We do this by cultivating a community that provides utility analytics professionals, business analytics champions, and solution provider partners the ability to transform utilities through:

    • Belonging: A receptive, participatory community like no other where you are heard, supported and involved
    • Inspiration: Timely ideas, unique perspectives and forward-looking points-of-view that have actionable value
    • Growth: Knowledge, guidance and mentorship that helps members—and the profession as a whole—continually advance and improve so we can meet the changing needs of the energy utilities industry and better serve customers
    • Unified Voice: A unified voice that represents our shared values, vision and collective interests on the stages and forums that matter most to raise awareness and bring the value of utility analytics to more people, to the business, and for a higher purpose

Why UAI?

UAI is the only community enabling utility transformation through analytics.

There is more drive and need within utilities than ever before to create a data-driven culture across the utility enterprise to make better and more informed business decisions, as well as build business strategies. By being a part of the only community enabling utility transformation through analytics, you will:

    • be more efficient, reliable, sustainable and have greater operational capabilities and better situational awareness
    • optimize relationships with customers, reduce your risk of failure, ultimately being safer and accelerating your speed of delivery
    • get smarter faster increasing your success and not go it alone – You are better together with UAI!