The Changing Data Management Paradigm for Utilities
By Mike Smith | Aug 20, 2014
“Keep your hands off my data!” Thus was my introduction to the world of utility operations, and their love and embrace of their SCADA data. This was in the early 1990s when sharing data with IT, other utility departments or even the guy down the hall were was strictly forbidden. How times have changed… ...more
By Chris Moyer | Aug 20, 2014
Utility Analytics Institute update by Community Manager, Chris Moyer. Don't miss out on the early bird registration for Utility Analytics Week! This deal will end on September 12th. Read more to find out what all has been happening in analytics at the Institute. ...more
By John Johnson | Aug 13, 2014
Enterprise-wide Analytics Approach Matters, but with a Few Caveats. Smart meters are providing data to utilities like never before. A typical utility that has deployed two million smart meters across its service territory can expect to collect more than 200 million reads a day. That translates to more than 80 trillion reads annually. ...more
By Mike Smith | Aug 13, 2014
The pace at which technology evolves never seems to slow. More importantly, the pace at which we use new technologies keeps pace. This seems to hold true across both consumer and business markets. ...more
By Kim Gaddy | Aug 6, 2014
Long-time utility employees that choose to retire are able to provide invaluable insight if we take the time to listen. One such individual is Bob Geneczko who after 40 years with PPL made the decision to retire last month. ...more
Jennifer Joseph, AMI/OMS Integration
By Chris Moyer | Jul 30, 2014
Chris Moyer, Community Manager with the Utility Analytics Institute interviews AMI/OMS working group leader, Jennifer Joseph, Principle Project Manager, IT at Exelon Corporation. ...more
By Mike Smith | Jul 30, 2014
The Utility Analytics Institute is fortunate to have a growing membership, not only here in the USA, but we have recently added the Bermuda Electric Company, Hydro-Quebec, and China Light & Power (CL&P). ...more
“The soft stuff is hard”
By Mike Smith | Jul 23, 2014
“Now we have installed all of our smart meters, digitized part of our grid, have a new data warehouse, and we have lots of people working with the data. Now we are asking ourselves how do we realize value and ultimately achieve an acceptable level of ROI.” ...more
By David Pope | Jul 16, 2014
Analytics can deliver on the promise of new opportunities by revealing the insights needed to successfully pursue them. Customer-centric utilities need analytics for better targeting, higher response rates and improved campaign ROI. ...more
By Jeff Myerson, By Burke Watson | Jul 16, 2014
While helping to rebuild a fort in Egypt in 1799, a French soldier stopped to examine a broken slab of rock that had been unearthed. The piece, engraved with hieroglyphs and two other distinct scripts, soon drew interest from scholars around the world. ...more