By Kim Gaddy | Feb 18, 2015
The utility industry is in the early stages of leveraging data analytics. Stephen Callahan, Vice President of Global Strategy and Solutions at IBM for the energy and utilities vertical said “The spectrum of utility analytics maturity ranges from those that are lagging behind to some that are quite aggressive – largely dependent on the degree of competition in the business environment. ...more
By Kim Gaddy | Feb 18, 2015
The Executive Advisory Council (EAC) of the Utility Analytics Institute consists of leaders from member utilities and acts as UAI’s Board of Directors. One such member is Mallik Angalakudati, Vice President, Finance and Resource Management, PG&E Gas Operations. ...more
By Shelly Cotton | Feb 11, 2015
You may or not may not be aware that the Utility Analytics Institute has a community platform and forum. This forum provides a great way to ask questions, post comments, share resources and collaborate with other analytics folks in the industry. ...more
Realistic Forecasts
By Salvatore Salamone | Feb 11, 2015
Welcome to the age of big data. Industries as far ranging as retail, manufacturing and financial services all hope to analyze vast volumes of granular information to derive new insights and improve operations. ...more
By Guest Writer | Jan 28, 2015
SMART CITY INITIATIVES are popping up around the globe. Innovative technologies and services support a plethora of "smart" - smart energy, smart building, smart water, smart homes, smart transportation, smart infrastructure, smart governance, smart education and smart consumer. ...more
By Chris Moyer | Jan 28, 2015
The Utility Analytics Summit is just a month away! Read more to find out more about two of the gentleman that are part of an excellent line up of speakers and content! ...more
By Tao Hong | Jan 21, 2015
Energy forecasting is one of those areas of great importance to electric grid that gets little attention—even from power industry insiders. ...more
By Chris Moyer | Jan 21, 2015
While domestic national security issues were not a major focus of the State of the Union on Tuesday, the national grid of the United States remains one of the most important assets to defend in the 21sts century. ...more
By Mark Johnson | Jan 14, 2015
Thank you to all the members that replied they would speak with other members on areas of analytics they have worked on already, we’ve had dozens of responses. ...more
By Chris Moyer | Jan 14, 2015
When the Utility Analytics Institute started in 2011 very few utilities fully conceptualized the tremendous potential that data and analytics had to transform their business. ...more