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Centerpoint Energy’s Response to Hurricane Harvey

By January 22, 2018June 28th, 2018No Comments

Hurricane Harvey was a record-breaking storm inundating southeast Texas with 51.88 inches of rainfall, breaking the single-storm record of 48 inches set in 1978. The hurricane had maximum sustained winds of 130 mph at landfall. There were more than 42,000 lightning strikes across CenterPoint Energy’s electric service territory. The storm tested the resiliency of Texas’ electric grid and the response plans of energy providers.

Join us on Tuesday, December 5th for a webinar where Jessica Sanford, Distribution Services Supervisor at CenterPoint Energy, will walk through the technology and analytics utilized during Hurricane Harvey restoration efforts. Ms. Sanford will describe how their smart meters, intelligent grid, and the supporting technology played a key role in restoring power to more than 925,000 customers. She will highlight the benefits gained from the modernization of their grid and the use of real-time analytics and situational awareness. You will get a look at innovative ways they are proactively communicating with their customers and the next steps they are taking to modernize the collection of damage assessment information from the field.


  • Jessica Sanford, Distribution Services Supervisor at CenterPoint Energy