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Street Light Automation Expected to Strengthen AMI Network

By May 25, 2023No Comments
Street Light Automation
Street light automation is expected to improve efficiency of lighting management, support voltage optimization, monitor power factor, accurately measure energy usage, and strengthen the AMI communication network.


AEP Texas has partnered with Landis+Gyr to carry out one of the largest street light automation projects in North America. The street light automation project involves the installation of 260,000 Gridstream Connect Street Light Controllers, seamlessly integrated into the utility’s advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) network.

“Adding intelligent communicating sensors to our lighting assets provides a number benefits for our customers, including helping extend the useful life of these assets, allowing us to respond more quickly to failing equipment, and the ability to measure the voltage and power requirements at each luminaire,” said Jerry Young, Manager at AEP Texas. “Additionally, we will have the opportunity to explore other use cases for smart sensors and add to the value of our smart grid network in the future.”

Street Light Automation

The implementation of the street light automation project is already underway, with 20,000 street light controllers expected to be installed this year. The remaining controllers will be deployed by 2028, enabling the utility to transform its street lighting infrastructure into a smart and automated system.

In addition to the street light automation technology deployment, AEP Texas has extended its services contract with the company for five years and will receive 400,000 electric meters to support system growth and replacement. As part of the transition, all associated software will be migrated to Landis+Gyr’s cloud-based SaaS hosting environment.

The street light controllers are part of the company’s comprehensive Gridstream Connect portfolio, which includes intelligent sensors and the Smart Community Center operating software. These solutions enable utilities to efficiently map and monitor streetlights as integral components of the power grid. Beyond traditional lighting management, these street light automation controllers are equipped with metrology functions that allow for light sizing determination, energy use measurement, and support for distribution automation, load management, and power quality optimization.

“Street light automation is one of the most cost-effective ways for utilities to augment their AMI network investments. Not only does it improve efficiency of lighting management, but the intelligence in the controller also can be used to support voltage optimization, monitor power factor, and accurately measure energy usage – all while strengthening the AMI communication network,” said Jonathan Staab, Director of Product Management at Landis+Gyr.


About AEP Texas

AEP Texas, a unit of American Electric Power, delivers electricity to over one million electric meters, serving homes, businesses, and industries in south and west Texas. It provides regulated energy delivery service to consumers, regardless of which Retail Electric Provider (REP) they choose. The region headquarters is in Corpus Christi.

About Landis+Gyr

Landis+Gyr is a global provider of integrated energy management solutions. It measures and analyzes energy utilization to generate empowering analytics for smart grid and infrastructure management, enabling utilities and consumers to reduce energy consumption. The company employs around 7,500 talented people across five continents.


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