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Hybrid Multicloud Management Enhanced with New SaaS Solution

By June 6, 2023June 14th, 2023No Comments
hybrid multicloud mesh

The Hybrid Cloud Mesh empowers hybrid and multicloud application deployments by creating a simple, secure, scalable, and seamless on-ramp for applications and services across different environments.


IBM has introduced IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution aimed at assisting enterprises in managing their infrastructure across hybrid multicloud and diverse environments. This offering, driven by “Application-Centric Connectivity,” is designed to streamline the process of managing and monitoring application connectivity within and between public and private clouds.

In today’s hyper-distributed business landscape, enterprises deal with dispersed users, applications, and data across various locations and settings. A study conducted by IDC in 2022 (IDC PlanScape: Multicloud Networking for Enterprises; doc # US49357522; July 2022) revealed that 76% of enterprise data would be generated and processed at the edge. Consequently, organizations require a solution that improves network paradigms, offering secure and dynamic access to workloads and services. They also need granular visibility and control over their operations.

The Hybrid Cloud Mesh addresses these needs, empowering hybrid and multicloud application deployments by creating a simple, secure, scalable, and seamless on-ramp for applications and services across different environments. When it becomes generally available later this year, the solution will leverage IBM subsidiary NS1’s DNS traffic steering capabilities, optimizing performance, cost, and availability at every connection point between clouds and end users.

Prior to its release in the second half of 2023, IBM will offer an early access program for clients to engage with Hybrid Cloud Mesh. The program will provide in-depth information on how the offering delivers a unified approach to connectivity, accelerates application deployment, and enhances the end-user experience. Participants will also learn how the solution enables IT teams to gain network control while providing DevOps and CloudOps teams with a unified experience and toolset for addressing application performance, visibility, control, and security concerns.

Whether organizations are embarking on their initial cloud deployments or have already established distributed applications across multiple clouds, Hybrid Cloud Mesh provides comprehensive insights into leveraging an automated, intelligent, and optimized network running on public cloud infrastructure.

By providing connectivity services through the new SaaS solution, clients can alleviate the challenges faced by infrastructure and operations teams when deploying, managing, and securing their hybrid multicloud networks.


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