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New Cloud Observability Solution Streamlines Application Management

By June 23, 2023No Comments

The new cloud observability solution helps organizations manage the growing scale and complexity of cloud and cloud-native infrastructure for complete visibility across the enterprise.


Digital workflow company ServiceNow has unveiled ServiceNow Cloud Observability, an integrated end-to-end observability solution for cloud applications. The solution, powered by Lightstep, aims to help organizations effectively manage the growing scale and complexity of cloud and cloud-native infrastructure. It is designed to enable complete visibility across the enterprise by breaking down siloes and offering a unified solution.

According to IDC, the observability market is projected to reach $9.08 billion by 2025. As enterprises transition from traditional IT operations to cloud-native infrastructure, developer teams need effective monitoring, management, and maintenance of their digital business applications. However, traditional legacy or point solutions are either expensive, limited in their problem-solving capabilities, or require vendor-specific skillsets. ServiceNow Cloud Observability provides a holistic, end-to-end solution by combining operational monitoring and observability data for cloud and cloud-native applications. It empowers IT teams to identify and resolve issues faster, enhancing the reliability and resilience of their software and services.

“Historically, managing cloud and cloud‑native applications in enterprise environments has been complex, as many organizations are dependent upon traditional infrastructure and legacy services. This has forced businesses to invest in multiple observability tools to improve application performance across estates, creating massive challenges for IT teams as they navigate siloed visibility to resolve issues,” said Ben Sigelman, General Manager of Cloud Observability and Co‑founder of Lightstep.

The new solution consolidates critical telemetry data, such as logs, metrics, and traces. This enables organizations to improve various aspects of their operations, including security, workflows, collaboration, customer, and employee experiences, and return on investment. By leveraging the existing solutions on the Now Platform, ServiceNow Cloud Observability helps organizations identify issues and reduce outages, safeguarding revenue and enhancing customer satisfaction.

“With a unified, scalable cloud‑native observability solution connected to the Now Platform, we are helping digital businesses seamlessly integrate observability into their most essential operations,” Sigelman added.

ServiceNow Cloud Observability introduces two new capabilities:

Cloud-Native Logging: Leveraging Era Software’s cloud-native logging technology, ServiceNow provides integrated and scalable log management capabilities for cloud-native apps. This technology provides a comprehensive view of all digital user interactions and reduces non-essential data, saving time and resources for DevOps teams.

Service Graph Connector: This feature allows organizations to easily extract data from cloud frameworks like OpenTelemetry and Kubernetes directly into ServiceNow IT Operations Management. By eliminating the need for additional tools, Service Graph Connector streamlines the integration of cloud insights with IT infrastructure, enabling faster actions without compromising security.

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