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New Cloud Security Service Simplifies Security Data Management

By July 12, 2023No Comments

The new cloud security service helps customers act on security data faster and simplify security data management across hybrid and multicloud environments

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced the general availability of Amazon Security Lake, a cloud security service designed to simplify security data management and enhance threat response for organizations operating in hybrid and multicloud environments.

The service allows customers to centralize their security data from across their AWS environments, leading SaaS providers, on-premises environments, and cloud sources into a purpose-built data lake, enabling faster threat detection, investigation, and response.

Amazon Security Lake converts incoming security data to the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF) open standard, making it easier for security teams to collect, combine, and analyze data from over 80 sources, including AWS, security partners, and analytics providers.

“With more than 80 sources providing data to Amazon Security Lake, security teams can achieve greater visibility into potential security threats and how to respond to them, further protecting the workloads, applications, and data that are critical to driving business forward,” said Jon Ramsey, Vice President for Security Services at AWS.

The cloud security service utilizes Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and AWS Lake Formation to automatically set up security data lake infrastructure in a customer’s AWS account, giving customers full control and ownership over their security data.

Customers have the flexibility to leverage their preferred analytics tools, including Amazon OpenSearch Service, Amazon Athena, and Amazon SageMaker, as well as third-party solutions, to gain deeper insights into their cloud security posture efficiently.

To enhance its capabilities further, Amazon Security Lake has partnered with companies including Cribl, CrowdStrike, Datadog, Jumia, Novozymes, SentinelOne, Splunk, Volkswagen Financial Services, and Wiz. These collaborations aim to deliver additional cloud security features, streamline operations, and provide comprehensive protection against evolving threats.

The new cloud security service is currently available in several AWS regions, including US East (Ohio), US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), Europe (Frankfurt), Europe (Ireland), Europe (London), and South America (São Paulo).

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