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New Generative AI Capabilities to Supercharge Analytics Democratization

By July 5, 2023No Comments

Infusing the power of generative AI with analytics automation to enable analytics for all

Alteryx has introduced its new Alteryx AiDIN engine that combines artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and generative AI with the Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform. This integration aims to enhance analytics efficiency and productivity, making AI and ML accessible to a wider range of users across the organization.

By integrating Alteryx analytics outputs with generative AI and large language models, the company aims to democratize analytics and facilitate the dissemination of insights across organizations while maintaining governance and observability.

“With generative AI, users unlock an entirely new way of using insights to transform their business and solve their biggest challenges,” said Suresh Vittal, Chief Product Officer at Alteryx.

The introduction of AiDIN includes several features:

  • Magic Documents: This new Auto Insights feature utilizes enterprise-grade generative AI integration to transform data insights reporting and sharing. It provides in-context data visualization summaries and enables seamless generation of PowerPoint, email, and message content for tailored audiences.
  • Workflow Summary for Alteryx Designer: This feature automatically generates workflow summaries and metadata in natural language, allowing users to document their processes more effectively. It facilitates governance and auditability of data processes and pipelines.
  • OpenAI Connector: Alteryx is developing this connector to enable users to incorporate generative AI into their own Alteryx Designer workflows. This drag-and-drop tool is expected to generate compelling natural language outputs from users’ data and analytics, empowering them to transform how they present and share data.

These new features, combined with existing innovations like Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing, provide Alteryx users with robust generative AI and ML capabilities, enabling them to access more enterprise data to enhance their model outputs and reporting.

AiDIN also offers a solid framework for maximizing business value through the implementation of purpose-built AI capabilities within secure applications.

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