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UAI Real-Talk Roundtables: Let’s “Chat” About Generative AI

By July 11, 2023No Comments
Generative AI Discussion

*To embrace the spirit of our conversations, this summary is brought to you through a collaborative effort with ChatGPT.

Utility Analytics Institute (UAI) invites members to join us for a three-part series of roundtable discussions on Generative AI.  We will delve into the world of Generative AI, exploring its intricacies, available options, and practical implementation strategies. As a member organization dedicated to fostering innovation through analytics, UAI is excited to host this discussion series led by Andy Kapp, Lead Data Scientist at Evergy along with additional UAI leaders.

Part 1: Generative AI: What it IS and what it IS NOT

Monday, July 31st 9am PT / 10am MT / 11am CT / 12pm ET

During this segment of our roundtable discussions, we will unravel the inner workings of AI, furthering our understanding of its mechanisms. We will explore the specialized nature of various Generative AI products and debate its significance as a distinct field of study within the AI domain. Our aim is to collectively clarify misconceptions and lay a solid foundation for deeper exploration and knowledge sharing.

Part 2: Generative AI: What are the options out there and how do we get them into production?

MONDAY, August 28th 9am PT / 10am MT / 11am CT / 12pm ET

Navigating the vast landscape of Generative AI can be daunting. This part of our discussion will explore the different options available, including open-source, commercial, and home-grown solutions. We will delve into the merits and challenges associated with each option and discuss effective implementation methodologies, empowering participants with the knowledge needed to bring Generative AI into production.

Part 3: Generative AI: How CAN we use it and how SHOULD we use it?

*In Person Only Thursday, November 2nd 11:15am ET at UA Week 2023 in Orlando, FL

As analytics professionals in the utilities industry, understanding the practical applications of Generative AI is crucial. In this final segment, we will brainstorm ideas for use cases specifically tailored to the utility industry. Additionally, we will debate the vital topic of AI governance and how we can establish ethical and responsible utilization of these advanced technologies from the foundation up.

Join our enlightening discussion series where we will connect the dots between Generative AI and utility analytics.  Let’s embark on this transformative journey together and unlock the untapped potential of Generative AI in the utilities industry.

UAI Real Talk Round Tables and UAI Communities are member only activities.

Click here to download and open the attached iCalendar files to update your calendar (you must be logged in to access.)  Each roundtable has a separate invite.

Meet our UAI Real Time Roundtable discussion leader:

Andy Kapp

Andy Kapp is a Lead Data Scientist at Evergy, an energy utility located in Kansas and Missouri. Since 2001 he has primarily worked in positions focusing on data management, analytics and enterprise architecture. Andy specializes in strategies to help improve delivery of sustainable self-service technologies, democratize data and analytics and assist practitioners converge the missions of IT and the business/operations.

But wait, there’s a lot more “chatting” going on about Generative AI at #UA Week 2023!

Natural Gas Analytics Community Conversation: Exploring Generative AI and the Art of the Possible for Natural Gas Analytics

*In Person Only Tuesday, October 31st 9:30am-12pm ET at UA Week 2023 in Orlando, FL

Join us for a dynamic session that covers two important topics. First, we’ll delve into Generative AI with a focus on the art of the possible within natural gas analytics. We’ll explore how organizations are currently utilizing ChatGPT5 and the art of the possible with this technology. Additionally, we’ll discuss other examples of Generative AI, such as Databricks’ open-sourced Dolly, Microsoft’s private sandboxes, AI-based career trajectory assignments, and IBM Watson’s applications. We’ll also address data privacy safeguards, availability of AI applications for employees, handling incorrect connections in AI-generated data, and the level of AI adoption in different industries. In the second part of the session, we’ll discuss the advancement and changing safety culture in natural gas utilities. Through small group breakout sessions, we’ll cover topics like contractor safety, fostering psychological safety, ergonomics safety, preventing fatalities, regulatory frameworks, leadership and management’s role, training and education, risk assessment and management, technology and innovation, employee engagement and communication, continuous improvement and lessons learned, and collaboration and industry partnerships. We’ll conclude with real-world examples and an opportunity to share your company’s collaborations with data analytics organizations.

Customer Analytics Community Conversation: Using AI in Customer Analytics

*In Person Only Tuesday, October 31st 9:30am-12pm ET at UA Week 2023 in Orlando, FL

Join us for an engaging session that combines small group breakout discussions with larger group interactions as we delve into two important topics: “Using AI in Customer Analytics” and “Driving Business Success: Unleashing the Power of Analytics in Price Plan Transitions.” In the first part, we will explore the diverse AI tools used in customer analytics, such as sentiment analysis, marketing strategy development, automated customer support, and communication automation. We will also address the need for explainable AI in highly regulated customer service environments. In the second part, we will discuss how utilities are effectively utilizing analytics to transition business customers between price plans. Through real-life examples and discussions on flags, protocols, and analytics for securing buy-in, we will uncover the art of successfully implementing rate switching initiatives. Be prepared for stimulating small group conversations and valuable large group discussions where we will report out the findings from the breakout sessions, offering a comprehensive view of these critical topics. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights and contribute to the collective knowledge in the realm of customer analytics and price plan transitions.



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