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Unleashing Potential of Generative AI Services

By August 9, 2023No Comments
generative ai

New generative AI services to help businesses solve today’s most complex challenges.


Oracle, in partnership with Cohere, plans to develop new generative AI services for organizations across the world. According to the company, these services will help businesses by automating end-to-end processes, improving decision-making, and enhancing customer experiences.

Built on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and leveraging the firm’s Supercluster capabilities, the generative AI services will aim to set new industry standards in terms of security, performance, and value.

“Our partnership with Cohere will enable our customers to easily embed generative AI into their business. Using Cohere’s foundational models, customers can securely incorporate their own data to train specific models, deploy them on best-in-class AI infrastructure through OCI, and experience the business benefits immediately in their applications,” said Clay Magouyrk, Executive Vice President, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Under the partnership, Cohere will be responsible for training, building, and deploying its generative AI models on OCI, taking advantage of the platform’s high-performance and cost-effective GPU cluster technology. Furthermore, OCI offers low latency and the highest bandwidth RDMA network in the cloud, enabling accelerated training of large language models (LLMs) at reduced costs.

“Oracle and Cohere have a shared focus on data security, model customization, and enabling enterprises to create business value,” said Martin Kon, President & COO, Cohere. “Together, Oracle and Cohere will help enterprises worldwide accelerate their AI initiatives, drive greater value, and deliver new levels of automation that maximize business success—while ensuring their data is secure and private.”

The collaboration will also see Cohere’s language models being integrated directly into Oracle’s portfolio of cloud applications, including Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications, Oracle NetSuite, and industry-specific applications. This integration will enable customers to rapidly and securely deploy generative AI solutions to tackle their most pressing business challenges.

The combination of Oracle’s cloud application portfolio, data management expertise, and AI infrastructure, along with Cohere’s LLMs will deliver several key benefits:

  • Unrivaled data security, privacy, and governance: OCI’s generative AI service will offer customers complete control and ownership of their data. Additionally, the services will not mix customer data, ensuring that a business’s competitive advantage remains its own. Additionally, tools for accessing data provenance and lineage will be provided.
  • Powerful and high-performing models: Leveraging Cohere’s foundational LLMs, the AI services can be customized and enhanced using Oracle’s industry knowledge and data insights. Customers can further refine these models using their own data, increasing accuracy for specific business use cases.
  • Embedded generative AI services: The company will make generative AI pervasive across its cloud application portfolio, including ERP, HCM, SCM, and CX. New models for healthcare and public safety will be introduced, and generative AI will be embedded throughout industry-specific applications. These services will boost knowledge workers’ productivity and efficiency while freeing up time for creativity and value-added tasks, ultimately improving the overall employee experience. Oracle will also integrate generative AI capabilities into its database portfolio, just as it did with machine learning features in Oracle Database and MySQL HeatWave.
  • Generative AI available anywhere: Customers can leverage the generative AI service within OCI, taking advantage of the scalability and customization options offered by the public cloud. They can also create private model endpoints to combine generative capabilities with their on-premises data and applications, bringing the power of generative AI to their data centers.


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