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Oil and Gas Pipeline Cybersecurity Compliance: Understanding TSA’s 2023 Security Directive

By September 11, 2023No Comments
Oil and Gas Pipeline Cybersecurity Compliance: Understanding TSA’s 2023 Security Directive

A Sept. 27th webinar sponsored by Dragos

September 27, 2023

2:00 PM ET / 1:00 PM CT / 11:00 AM PT / 7:00 PM GMT

Duration:1 hour

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Bad actors from hostile states are aiming to drive a stake in the heart of the U.S. Energy Sector via manipulation of connected technologies. Cyber thieves are getting even closer to achieving their goals and have had some damaging successes already. The threat is so ever-present that federal cybersecurity officials are demanding more intense planning from industry players such as those in the oil and gas, utility and power generation sectors.

For instance, the U.S. Transportation Security Administration only recently sent out its latest TSA Security Directive Pipeline-2021-02D which places greater demands on asset owners and operators of hazardous liquid and natural gas pipelines and liquified natural gas (LNG) facilities. These include the direct possibility of TSA challenges to previous crucial system, mandatory annual tabletop exercises to test Cybersecurity Incident Response plans with more accountability and stronger assessment and auditing activity of cybersecurity plans.

Join Dragos Technical Lead Mike Hoffman, and Senior Industrial Consultant Elan AIvey as they discuss changes from the latest TSA Security Directive Pipeline-2021-02D. It’s effective now and requires responses from industry operators and asset owners in the natural gas and LNG pipeline sectors.

Experts Hoffman and Alvey in their discussion will cover:

  • New direct language on critical system designations
  • Conducting annual tabletop exercises for Cybersecurity Incident Response plans
  • The schedule requirements for assessing and auditing the Cybersecurity Assessment Plan
  • Steps you can take to build an ICS security compliance program

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to stay informed, strategize effectively, and safeguard your pipeline assets in an ever-changing security landscape.

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Elan Alvey
Senior Industrial Consultant, Threat Operations Center

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Mike Hoffman
Technical Lead