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Data: The Renewable Resource for Digital Reinvention

By June 27, 2018 No Comments

It’s undeniable – analytics provide utilities with opportunities to realize significant cost savings in work and asset functions.  Additionally, improvements in network reliability, regulatory compliance, customer satisfaction and safety can be achieved.  Obtaining these benefits requires a focused approach, with high quality data as the critical resource.

Join Paul Davis and Bryan Sacks as they discuss utility data, how to steward it and how to extract value from it.  Explore how mobility can become an indispensable tool for the collection of high quality data as well as the ideal mechanism for delivering insight to workers.  Learn how a data-driven culture can transition data from a troublesome cost item to a strategic renewable resource that drives meaningful digital reinvention.


   Paul Davis
Executive Partner, IBM
Bryan Sacks
Head of Work and Asset Optimization Solutions, IBM