Ensuring Success in Analytics: A Playbook for Utility Executives

By August 7, 2018 No Comments

Utilities today are recognizing the value of becoming data driven. The workforce is retiring, leaving utilities with a dearth of knowledge. At the same time, the rise in data from smart meters and new sensing devices is offering unprecedented insights on the customer and grid. To that end, deploying analytics has become a top priority for utilities, and is driving significant investments. However, tech-nology alone is not enough. Without strategy and intent at the root of analytics initiatives, the risk of jeopardizing these investments is high.

Experienced utilities have learned that skills, process, organizational learning, architecture and governance are essential to achieving and exceeding expected analytics outcomes. UAI interviewed analytics stakeholders from leading utilities to identify what is often overlooked in analytics initiatives, with the goal to provide advice to utility leaders on how to de-risk analytics deployments and protect their investments—a key to success and leadership in this time of digital transformation.

This playbook explores the key tenets of analytics success based on advice from Utility Analytics Institute members—data gathered from the source. Areas of focus include:

• Re-thinking project management for analytics
• How to empower your findings through validation and verification
• Increasing participation in analytics initiatives across the enterprise
• Developing organizational learning structures and practices
• Finding and grooming analytics talent
• The role of IT as an enabling function
• Appropriate data governance in an era of rising accuracy, privacy, and security concerns

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