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What solutions are populating the utility analytics space?

By April 18, 2019No Comments

We looked to our members to find out which solutions are rising to the top of the utility analytics market.

Big data and analytics are transforming the public utility sector with advances in storage, computing power, applications, and connectivity. Utilities can gather and analyze greater amounts of data faster and cheaper than in the past, and that pace is only increasing. New and established vendors are launching analytics products and services at a rapid rate, creating an immensely dynamic market. UAI created this landscape to provide a snapshot of who is doing what in the market, and what solutions our utility members are adopting to help solve business challenges. This is version 1.0 so if you don’t see someone you think should be included please let us know and we will update it for version 2.0 later!

David Blaza is a managing director for UAI and T&D World. He can be reached at for inquiries on UAI’s competitive landscape for utilities.