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New AMI Solution Launched to Transform Water Management

By June 5, 2023No Comments
AMI Essentials empowers water utilities with advanced technology for enhanced efficiency and customer engagement.


Itron has introduced AMI Essentials in Australia and New Zealand to accelerate the digital transformation of water utilities. The solution is designed to simplify the adoption of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and provide a foundation for managing water losses, improving operations, and enhancing consumer engagement.

The solution incorporates the company’s Temetra MDM platform for data collection and management, enabling use cases such as water usage analytics, asset management, work order management, and meter reading. It also offers connectivity options and other services to optimize planning, deployment, operations, and assess connectivity risks, ultimately improving service quality and reliability.

“Across Australia and New Zealand, diverse and extremely challenging environmental conditions make it necessary to ensure that aging infrastructure maintains a long lifespan. Itron AMI Essentials for water will help utilities mitigate the impacts of climate disruption and address asset management and leakage challenges,” said Don Reeves, Senior Vice President of Outcomes at Itron.

Key benefits of the solution include:

  1. Smooth migration from manual meter reading to AMI, maximizing the business case and reducing challenges associated with AMI deployment, implementation, and operations. The platform provides a unified solution for all meter data.
  2. Reduced risk of technology dependency through the use of open standards, enabling interoperability with multiple communication service providers and integration within the IT infrastructure.
  3. Standard packaged solutions that simplify adoption for smaller utilities and cities, providing standard scope of services and use cases.
  4. Maximum robustness through durable meter components and batteries designed to ensure a 15-year lifetime even in harsh conditions.

AMI Essentials includes the Itron Intelis wSource NB-IoT water meter, which offers accurate measurement, easy connectivity to data collection systems, and extensive data generation from the network. The meter is MID-certified with up to R1000 accuracy, ensuring precise measurement even at low flows.

With low-to-no maintenance solid-state ultrasonic technology, the meter ensures accuracy in harsh conditions and delivers long-lasting performance, resulting in fewer repairs and replacements and lower costs for water utilities. It enables quick leak detection and more accurate billing, leading to improved customer satisfaction and revenue protection.

Additionally, the meter provides data connectivity options to ensure that all meter data is accessible to water operation centers. It also features AMR backup to safeguard data in case of cellular network failures.

AMI Essentials also includes the Temetra NB-IoT data collection and management system that offers a platform for critical meter data management business processes. The platform unifies, validates, and dispatches metering data to customer domain systems, addressing processes such as long data storage, network monitoring, asset inventory, and troubleshooting. It also includes alarm management features, including critical alarm management and operational analytics like abnormal consumption detection.

Temetra Analysis provides measurable results to combat non-revenue water losses in the distribution system. It minimizes leaks, enhances operational visibility, streamlines pressure management, maximizes return on investment for meter replacements, reduces labor costs, optimizes network operations, and proactively improves the customer experience.


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