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New IT Sustainability Dashboard To Help Cut Carbon Footprint

By July 21, 2023No Comments

Leveraging advanced analytics, the dashboard aims to enhance overall IT sustainability performance.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has unveiled the preview of a new sustainability dashboard on the GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform, along with an extensive range of services focused on IT sustainability. The offerings, which include technology, services, financing, and asset upcycling programs, are aimed at assisting organizations in minimizing the carbon footprint linked to their IT operations.

“Achieving sustainability targets in a hybrid IT environment can be complex and daunting,” said Pradeep Kumar, Senior Vice President and General Manager, HPE Services. “HPE breaks down this complexity with technologies and services that enable organizations to advance from strategy and design to operations and positive impact. Our unique, comprehensive approach helps customers transform sustainability initiatives from incremental pockets of activity to a holistic approach spanning every IT domain.”

According to a Gartner report titled “2022 Sustainability Survey: Use Sustainability to Drive Value and Mitigate Disruption”, 86% of business leaders recognize sustainability as a strategic investment that protects their organization from disruption. Moreover, four out of five leaders acknowledge that IT sustainability not only optimizes and reduces costs but also creates short- and long-term value for their organization1. However, organizations face various challenges in their journey toward achieving sustainability goals, including a lack of visibility and metrics, a shortage of specialized expertise, and a complex regulatory environment.

The new dashboard will provide insights into IT energy consumption, carbon emissions, and electricity costs. Leveraging advanced analytics from the HPE portfolio across compute, storage, and networking, the dashboard aims to enhance overall IT sustainability performance.

New technology from OpsRamp, a company acquired by HPE in May 2023, will provide additional sustainable IT capabilities to the dashboard by offering a unified approach to managing multi-vendor infrastructure and application resources in hybrid and multi-cloud IT environments. Currently undergoing a preview phase with select clients, the sustainability dashboard will facilitate the transition from sustainable modernization ideation and design to operational implementation.

To support organizations on their transformation journey, HPE delivers a unique workload-in approach, using an array of tools and processes, to address environmental and sustainability goals and streamline modernization efforts. The enhanced IT sustainability services include two new capabilities that bridge technology and data center facility solutions, providing organizations with a comprehensive analysis of their overall consumption.

Additionally, customers can now access new workshops that explore a combined and sustainable approach to IT, workloads, and data centers, serving as a starting point for their IT sustainability journey.

The introduction of new sustainability baselining services also offers organizations a clear understanding of their energy usage and emissions within their IT estate, incorporating commonly accepted accounting and reporting principles.

Moreover, customers now have access to the enhanced HPE Right Mix Advisor, a process that identifies application modernization and hosting requirements. The new capabilities of this tool enable HPE to analyze workload power consumption and calculate carbon footprint collectively or at the application level. This process is complemented by the redesigned HPE Edge-to-Cloud Adoption Framework, which supports IT sustainability goals within an organization’s operating model.

HPE is also introducing additional capabilities and solutions to provide organizations with visibility, control, and management over their IT and data center carbon footprint.

New operational services offer customers a range of sustainability features, including access to dedicated experts, asset upcycling services, customized Circular Economy Reports, and the opportunity to obtain additional certifications.

Education plays a vital role in comprehensive IT sustainability coverage and is supported by the refreshed HPE Digital Learner, an online learning subscription service that now includes sustainable upskilling for IT and data center facility employees. Customers can now provide their employees with access to ITIL 4 certificate: Sustainability in Digital and IT and the EPI Certified Data Center Environmental Sustainability Specialist (CDESS) certifications directly from HPE.

Building upon its commitment to IT sustainability, the company is expanding the HPE Financial Services Force for Good Financing Program2, which was announced earlier this year. This program rewards organizations that demonstrate a measurable commitment to sustainability. By incorporating additional industry-recognized standard indexes, HPE aims to extend the program’s eligibility to a greater number of small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). When combined with HPE Asset Upcycling Services, organizations can support broader sustainability initiatives throughout the entire lifecycle of IT assets, from planning to removal.

Through HPE Asset Upcycling Services program, organizations can also opt to have funds donated to non-profit partners, including Project Drawdown and UNICEF, as they decommission retired IT assets and enable a second life.



1 2022 Sustainability Survey: Use Sustainability to Drive Value and Mitigate Disruption”, Sarah Watt, Kristin Moyer, Lauren Wheatley, September 26 2022

2 Eligibility is determined by Dun & Bradstreet ESG Intelligence Rankings, and now CDP, Sustainalytics and Science Based Targets, as well as other factors.


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