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New Observability Solution Optimizes Hybrid Cloud Costs

By July 19, 2023August 16th, 2023No Comments
Multi Cloud Observability

Empowering enterprises to achieve more cost-effective outcomes, promoting observability and delivering an enhanced experience for users


Cloudera has announced the general availability of Cloudera Observability for customers using Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) in public or private cloud environments. The solution aims to provide actionable insights for data, applications, and infrastructure components within the open data lakehouse implemented with CDP to optimize costs, automatically resolve issues, and improve performance.

“One of the biggest challenges for companies today when managing workloads operating in the cloud is to get a global view of spending on infrastructure and services,” said Rob Bearden, Chief Executive Officer of Cloudera.

Hybrid and multi-cloud environments have become the standard for many organizations. Tracking and managing cloud consumption across departments, cost centers, and diverse infrastructures is complex. Cloudera Observability tackles these challenges by leveraging the company’s experience with hybrid data solutions. It empowers customers to monitor, understand, and optimize their CDP deployments, promoting observability.

According to Cloudera, the solution also provides customizable automatic actions and pre-built actions to raise alerts, proactively prevent issues, and optimize workloads. It is available free of cost as part of applicable subscriptions to CDP and helps optimize commonly used data engines, including Impala, Hive, and Spark for data engineering workloads.

The new solution is publicized to be interoperable with Apache Iceberg, a key element of the company’s open data lakehouse delivered through CDP. Apache Iceberg is heralded as a high-performance open table format designed for large analytic tables, ensuring reliability while enabling concurrent work by multiple compute engines.

Customers can also opt for Cloudera Observability Premium, which offers additional capabilities such as custom auto-actions, deeper insights, and automated troubleshooting.

The company’s open data lakehouse is designed to empower organizations to perform quick analytics on all types of data at a massive scale, eliminating data silos, and promoting collaboration. With Cloudera Observability, enterprises can achieve more cost-effective outcomes, promoting observability and delivering an enhanced experience for users.

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